Canvas Painting Party Guidelines @ Your Location


The following Guidelines are for you to have an Art Party at your location.

**Paint Party-2 weeks advance

**Company Party-4 weeks advance

**Fundraiser-Minimum 6 weeks advance

**Church Activity, etc.—Minimum 3 weeks advance

1) Confirm & Know Size of your party (Min/Max guest required)

2) Choose a Date & Time (Call for availability).

3) Pay Deposit (Minimum guest requirement + base transportation fee). 

4) Host selects a Canvas Painting (Everyone paints same picture)

5) Invite guests to arrive 30 minutes early (Painting will begin & end on time)

6) Decorations: Set up prior to guests arriving

1. Confirm and know the Size of your Party: 

You will need enough space to host the painting party. You need to have table(s) and chairs to accommodate your reserved guests. You will need access to water supply (painting and clean up).

*Upon arrival, if space is NOT large enough for each person’s easel, canvas, paints & supplies needed to paint their canvas, for number of guests reserved, the party planner will be responsible for all fees and party may be subject to cancellation.

** If party is cancelled: All fees paid are forfeited. 

Maximum number of guest vary per day and time, please call 940-634-2372 to discuss your party needs and number of guests invited. 

2. Choose a Date and Time:

Party reservations are subject to availability and are required to be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of party date desired.  Based on availability, private art parties can be scheduled during the following days and times: *The more time before the party date you schedule, the better! 

Friday between 5:30pm-9:00pm (Latest start time 6pm). Age 8 & up. Minimum 8 guests.

Saturday between 9:00am-1:00pm (Latest start time 1pm). Age 8 & up. Minimum 10 guests. 

Saturday between 4:00pm-8:00pm (Latest start time 5:00pm)-Ages 13 above ONLY with a minimum of 15 guests. 

To check availability and schedule your party, call 940-634-2372. 

3. Pay the Deposit:    A base transportation fee of $100 is required for all private party reservations in addition to minimum seats to secure your event based on available scheduling date and time. **Deposit is required at time of scheduling reservation. 

Individual fees for each person applies and are as follows: 

$20 each  (Includes 11x14 Canvas)

$25 each  (Includes 16x20 Canvas)

Recommendations:  Age group 8 to 14= 11x14 canvas, Ages 15 and up=16x20 canvas.

Or you can have the 11x14 canvas for the group ages 8 & up. We do not recommend the 16x20 canvas for guest under the age of 15.

If you cancel within 14 days of your painting party or event, you forfeit your deposit/fees paid. 

Any balance remaining must be paid within 48 hours of your reservation. If balance has not been received for total number reserved (not already paid for in advance) at least 48 hours after you reserve and pay deposits, your party is subject to cancellation. If cancelled; you forfeit all deposit/fees paid.

**Once you have confirmed availability for your Private Art Party via phone, You can now pay securely via email invoicing. Simply provide the following information

at time of reservation.

First Name:

Last name:


Email address:

Best phone number to reach you:

How many guests will be painting: 

All painting will begin and end on time. 

Please allow 2 ½-3 hours for painting. All painting will stop at the end of 3 hours.  

If you would like to give your guests more time to paint (up to 4hrs.) there is an additional fee of $35 hour after the first 3 hours. Please inform staff when reserving party. If staff is unaware, parting will end at 3 hours regardless if guests have finished. 

There are no refunds for no shows, late arrivals or unfinished paintings. 

4. Select a Painting:

When reservation deposit(s) have been paid in full, host will be sent an email with information to access our painting gallery.  **Host will receive access ONLY if deposits are paid in full**

You will have access up to 48 hours.. 

 (The email access you receive will show 20 day access....Please Note:  This is a system error and we are working to correct the issue). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  

The host will then choose 1 painting for the group to paint.  The entire group will paint the same picture. 

5. Invite Guests:

 Please have guests arrive 30 minutes before scheduled painting start time. This allows time to pour drinks, eat snacks, socialize and settle in prior to painting party start time.

Again: Please note: Painting will begin and end on time. *There are no refunds for guests that do not arrive on time, are no shows or are unable to complete painting by time allotted.

6. Arrive Early: 

If decorations are required for a special party occasion. Guests assisting with decorations, will need to arrive extra early and decorations will need to be completed 30 minutes prior to painting start time.

If decorations are still being placed and interferes with the painting set up, your party may be subject to cancellation and all fees will be forfeited if canceled. 

Please no glitter or confetti in painting area. 

***TIPSY TURVY CANVAS will only bring enough supplies for those with a paid reservation. 


****PLEASE READ ALL Requirements Per Age Group: 

Ages 8-17          

Age 18+           

We love all our party guests and for the safety of the guests painting at your party:  Parents must be present in accordance of the following requirements: NO EXCEPTIONS!

Age group 8 years old: Minimum 6 / Maximum 10.

   Adults are present at all times per the requirement of one (1) adult for every 4 guests ages 8 yrs. of age. 

Age group 9-12 years old: Minimum 6 / Maximum 10.

Adults are present at all times per the requirement of one (1) adult for every 6 guests ages 9-12 yrs. of age. 

Age group 13-17 years old: Minimum 6 / Maximum 10.

Adults are present at all times per the requirement of one (1) adult for every 10 guests, ages 13-17yrs. of age. 

**PARENT(s)/Adults (Over 18 yrs old)- MUST BE PRESENT AT ALL TIMES!  If parent(s)/Adults leave painting area at anytime, leaving guests (ages 8-17) with the instructor to manage, the painting party will cease immediately and all fees paid will be forfeited.  * Please understand this is in the best interest and safety of all guests age 8-17. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Age group 18+ years old: Minimum 10 / Maximum 15.

We love our adult guests at any Sip and Paint Party --for the safety of the party guests:

***NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 can drink alcohol (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

Tipsy Turvy Canvas reserves the right to ask for ID of anyone drinking alcohol they feel may be under the age of 21.

Anyone under the age of 21 drinking alcohol, painting will cease/stop immediately. All fees will be forfeited. 

Host of party is responsible for all guests at the party.  


Travel/Mileage fees may apply