PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES! Subject to change without warning.




All cell phones should be placed outside the painting area prior to painting.  

Any guest, at any time, can leave the painting area and check their cell phone. Please note, leaving the painting area could cause the guest to not finish their painting by the end of the party time allotted. 


Cell phone policy is to protect the cell phones from any damage that may occur from water or paint being splashed on them.

 TIPSY TURVY CANVAS and all staff members are not and will not be held responsible for any damaged cell phone(s) that are left in the painting area and may become damaged. 



Age groups (Age 8 & up) can be mixed for Family Friendly Class sessions only!

Private Paint Party with mixed age groups, call 940-634-2372 for details. 


Tipsy Turvy Canvas staff must be informed when scheduling paint party for family at time reservation is made.   If staff is not informed when reservation is made, party may be subject to cancellation and all fees paid are subject to forfeit. 

**Please, only paid reservation guests need to be in painting area if possible except when adults are assisting with younger groups.

Adults must be present at ALL TIMES when children under the age of 18 are painting. 

For their safety! 

Children under age 6, Toddlers and Strollers are not permitted at any time.  



 We understand all parties have the potential to get out of hand when you and your guests are having fun.

 Please Note:

**If at any time the staff of TIPSY TURVY CANVAS feels there is an unsafe environment, prior to or during a reserved painting party or painting session: the party/session will cease immediately and all fees paid will be forfeited. 


Please Note: Any property of TIPSY TURVY CANVAS becomes damaged or destroyed, party planner will be responsible for any and all replacement cost. 




Effective May 1, 2019---TIPSY TURVY CANVAS will be temporarily closing our location in Gainesville, Texas to prepare for bigger and better Art Classes in the near future.

We are still offering private paint parties, fundraisers, church activities and more!  

Call for details:  940-634-2372 



TIPSY TURVY CANVAS only provides painting supplies needed for Art Party. 


 In a private art party setting: Host will be 100% responsible for all guests and alcohol at the party.


Guests must be 21 yrs old to drink alcohol. No exceptions. TIPSY TURVY CANVAS staff reserves the right to ask for identification of any person or persons drinking alcohol.  

TIPSY TURVY CANVAS staff feels there is reason for an unsafe environment for children or guests under the age of 21, paint party will cease immediately, all fees paid will be forfeited. 



At the time you book a painting session and/or private painting party: You give consent for photographs of you and/or your quests at the class session and/or your party to be taken and posted on the TIPSY TURVY CANVAS social media pages, newspaper and/or web site. 

All photos taken will be family friendly. Any other request to take a photo via a guest by the TIPSY TURVY CANVAS STAFF that is not family friendly is strictly prohibited.

TIPSY TURVY CANVAS STAFF has the right to refuse any request at any time.
TIPSY TURVY CANVAS STAFF is not responsible for any photos taken by our guests or any party that may be or not be with our guests.